Spa Birthday Party

Spa parties have become very popular these days. These parties are meant usually for girls and women who like to have some comfortable and relaxing time at the spa. This is a whole new idea in party locations because these types of parties were not very popularly and they were also not known to the people in the past. Spa parties are generally meant for ladies or girls in small groups because these parties are a bit exorbitant and they are not suitable for people who have a very limited budget. A spa party is always found to be very well-received. Spa parties are not only meant for ladies and girls but they can also be arranged for small girls who can easily get pedicures and manicures, mud mask and various other flip-flops sparing their painted toenails. The host can either try to do all the spa work herself along with the other mommies or a professional can also be hired. The best thing to do while hosting a spa party is to contact a beauty salon or contact a beauty consultant or manicurist and asking this professional to arrange and plan all the important activities at the spa party.

Spa Birthday PartyTreating the guests for an evening or afternoon of relaxation

A spa party is an expensive affair and therefore people hosting a Spa Birthday Party should keep the number of guests limited. The guests invited at the party should consist of only close friends and even relatives but it should not go beyond this otherwise it would become very difficult to manage the expenses of a spa party. A spa party can be used as a very effective method of pampering your friends and spend calculative time with friends. A spa party is considered to be a very good combination of a group of girls or an afternoon or night spa retreat.

Planning Renewal Hours for Friends

It is always very important to plan the renewal hours for friends invited at the party and this can be done by following the procedure that has been elaborated below:

•    The scene of the spa should be set with scented candles and soft music.

•    Arrange for a sparkling or frothy drink.

•    The guests can be asked to bring foot tubs that they use and they can be provided with the essential oils required for the spa experience.

•    Arrange for a very relaxing meditation for the guests while they keep their feet soaked.

•    Offer the time for sharing or reflection.

•    Serve something to the guests in a treat yourself environment.

•    Enjoy the company of your friends.

Spa Quiz

The spa party can be started with a fun and exciting spa quiz. The questions can be created on your own and this can be done by carrying out a thorough research on the internet.

The Cake

Before serving the cake to your friends and the guests at the Spa Birthday Party, take some time to celebrate the party and share with your friends the value of your friendship with them. This time is very beneficial because it would make every guest present at the party nostalgic. Then all of you can have the cake and various other refreshments that might have been provided at the party.

Foot Soak

Every guest invited at the party can be asked to bring her foot tub along so that the essential oils can be provided at the party for a relaxing and nourishing foot soak. The essential oils that can be given to the women at the party for a foot-soaking experience that calms, relaxes and soothes the guests have been provided below:

•    Lavender: Lavender is a very useful essential oil possessing the capacity of releasing stress, easing tension and promoting a good sense of peace and harmony. This oil is very gentle but at the same time it is powerful and is considered to be very good for conditions of insomnia.

•    Chamomile: Chamomile is a relaxing and gently soothing oil that also helps in releasing stress.